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Our Mission: promote education and life-long financial responsibility for people of all ages.

Our Objectives:

Enhance personal success through the development of financial literacy and responsibility. The Foundation focuses on different activities for each target life-phase (see table below).

Educate teachers to appreciate and to promote the benefits of financial literacy to others. The Foundation exposes educators to helpful pedagogy and supply materials which will help them raise their level of personal financial education.

Recognize students’ desires, needs, and excellence by awarding grants, internships, seminars, and scholarships. The Foundation favors educational programs and opportunities that encourage students to release their creativity, inspire them to learn, and empower them with self-confidence.

Provide community-based general educational support by serving as a bridge between area school systems, and the public and private sectors. The Foundation seeks strong strategic alliances with local organizations and serves as a force-multiplier for mission accomplishment including; public education foundations, universities, libraries, chambers of commerce, and business education programs.

 The AAFCU foundation promotes education and life-long financial responsibility for people of all ages:
Target population Objective  Foundation Approach
 0-8 yrs old What is money? Early savings,  Teach the teacher
 Strategic alliances
 9-12 yrs old Money and how it makes the world go around, Interest, early good investment habits, budgeting  Teach the teacher
 Strategic alliance
 Teenage Life-skills, College planning, Car, Credit, Investments, taxes, budgeting, checking accounts  Teach the teacher
 Early Adult College, home buying/mortgages, Car, Family, Kids, Business Start-up, Retirement planning, Investments, taxes, wills, credit  Seminars
 30-50 yrs old Wealth accumulation, kid’s college, retirement options debt management, refinancing, investments, taxes  Seminars
 50-70 yrs old Retirement, Grandchildren, Investments, estate planning, taxes  Seminars
 70-plus Retirement, investments, reverse mortgages, estate planning  Seminars